How Do We Move Towards Love?: Questions After Orlando

There aren’t any words for what happened today in Orlando or what could have happened in LA.

And yet, we must find words, because our silence would be our compliance.

As with most things, I am seeing nun of this through the lens of a teacher. Still, all I have now are questions:

  • How can we be better teachers?
  • How do we break down the systems of a fragile masculinity we ingrain in ourselves and, consequently, our systems?
  • How do we give kids the skills to cope with these events and tragedies?
  • What do we need for big, systemic change? What’s the catalyst? Why haven’t we hit the bottom yet?
  •  How do we instill a sense of hope and the fire to seek change instead of falling towards cynicism?
  • How do we walk towards love, even when it feels impossible?

I’m angry and sad and I don’t have answers. All I can do is sit with these questions and hope things look better in the morning.




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