About Me

Ms.Torres.20180108-6748Hi! I’m Christina. I’m an English teacher in Honolulu. I also like running, fitness, acting,  and yoga. I write about race relations, culture, education, or fitness for the most part.

I’ve been lucky enough to write for some other fabulous sites, like ASCD, Teaching Tolerance,  Honolulu Civil Beat, and PRX’s OnBeing. I’m also a blogger for EdWeek Teacher.

Pertinent Stats

  • English Teacher at Punahou Schools
  • Mexipina (Mexicana-Filipina)
  • SoCal born and bred, now calling O‘ahu home
  • Likes most fitness things (yoga, CrossFit), but mostly endurance running.
  • INFP
  • Actress represented by Kathy Muller.
  • Interests: education, educolor, running, reading, storytelling, yoga, AAPI/Latin@ issues and identity, cheeseburgers, memes, good puns, social media.
  • Resume // CV

Fellowships and Projects

Research, Education, Certifications

  • Yoga (RYT 200 Certified, Core Power Yoga)
  • Hawai‘i Secondary English Credential
  • USC 2009: BA English, BA Theatre
  • LMU 2011: MA-Ed, focus on Digital Education
  • Teach For America, LA 2009
  • Undergraduate Research: Queer Lit love stories
  • Masters Research: Coming Out process via comic books

Race and Fitness Stats

2016 Race Schedule

2015 Race Schedule

Marathon Stats

  • LA Marathon (2010, 2011, 2012 | CR 4:24)
  • SF Marathon (2010 | 4:24)
  • Maui Marathon (2014 | 4:18)
  • Honolulu Marathon (2014, 2015, 2016 | CR 3:54)
  • Kauai Marathon (2015, 2016 |CR 4:02, 1st in division)
  • California International Marathon (2015 | Race PR 3:50)

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cesar Ruacho says:

    Hello Cristina, in my case by.coincidence i am an English Teacher.and also marathon runner
    I live un tje city of Juarez and alzó liked your blog.


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