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Having Critical Conversations (Suggested Donation: $5)

Online Learning Guidelines (suggested donation: $1)

Pear Deck Premium (suggested donation: $2)

Pear Deck is great because it allows me to present a slideshow without having to share my screen the entire time! It’s also a fun way to do interactive asynchronous learning.

You can either start here and click “Get Started,” or add the extension here.

One thing I forgot to add, Pear Deck allows you to add prompts/activities even while students are in the middle of a session! Just go to the presentation screen and hover your mouse at the bottom, you’ll see something that says “new prompt” on the right.

Story Builder Graphic Organizer (suggested donation: $1)
PNG // Google Draw Editable Version

In-Text Citation Quick Guide (suggested donation: $1)

Student Weekly Plan (suggested donation: $0)

“Previous On…” Recap Small Group Assignment (Suggested donation: $3)

TKAM Digital Portfolio (Suggested Donation: $10-$15)

This is nearly all the individual assignments I give students re: To Kill a Mockingbird. This doesn’t include group work and discussions we do.